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Peter Koch, LL.M., MBA (Houston)

Peter Koch, LL.M., MBA (Houston)
Attorney at Law (licensed in Germany and New York)
Bar Certified Specialist for International Business Law

Being licensed as an Attorney in both Germany and the U.S. State of New York, Peter Koch is equally experienced in both legal systems. Additionally, he is one of the first attorneys, who was certified by the German Bar to be a Specialist for International Business Law. He advises and represents German and other European companies as well as private clients in matters of US American law. Equally he represents not only German, but also especially US American and other foreign corporate clients in questions of German Business Law.
In addition Peter Koch advises companies of all sizes on issues concerning German, European and especially American Export Controls and Trade Regulations.

  •  Admissions:
         - Germany 1997
         - New York 1998
  •  Certifications:
    Bar Certified Specialist for International Business Law
  • born 1964
  • Universities: Hamburg and Houston, TX
  • 1. Legal State Examination (JD): Hamburg 1989
  • Clerkship: Berlin, Chicago, Hamburg and Washington, DC
  • 2. Legal State Examination (German Bar Exam): Berlin 1992
  • Counsel for the THA 1992 - 1994
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.) Houston 1995
  • Master of Business Administration in International Business (MBA) Houston 1996
  • In Private Practice since 1997